Well-meaning advisers, with mostly good intentions, will often advise you as the business owner to “be different”.

Frankly, from Day One of a business start-up, the business is already “different” … even if for no other reason other than the fact that YOU are different – unique in fact!

The fact that you are different is the core of why you can be successful. However, you will need to first understand what makes you different and then, once having done that, work on how to capitalise on those differences. Be prepared to study yourself critically, objectively, honestly. This approach also needs to be undertaken with your business.

Let’s walk through some examples.

For instance, let’s say that you recognise that a personal “weakness” is your Time Management. Always busy working IN the business instead of having time to work ON the business. Working too many hours for too little reward, resulting in you not having enough down-time.

SOLUTION? The answer may lie in a number of different options available to you. Maybe you need the advice of a Bookkeeper to look after the often onerous tasks of managing the day-to-day paperwork. Or a VA (Virtual Assistant) to carry out those daily repetitive tasks. Or it could be as simple as making use of an on-line program to manage your jobs/orders.

But it’s not always about “weaknesses”. What about your personal “strengths”? What are you really good at? What do you really care about? How can you use such strengths to advantage in your business?



Ideally, BEFORE a business even sees the light of Day One, it should be subject to a S.W.O.T. analysis. “S.W.O.T.” is an acronym for:


Once again, an objective appraisal of these four aspects of a business needs to be done so that you as the business owner aren’t subjected to any “nasty” surprises that could have been otherwise avoided.

QUESTION: How can you ensure that you have addressed all of the issues that may adversely affect your business?

Your best solution is in seeking advice from someone who has the knowledge and real world experience to be able to head you in the right direction … and keep you on track to your desired goals and ambitions.

Such advisers are normally, well, hard to find! Sure, there are Business Coaches and Mentors who are prepared to advise you. HOWEVER, the very best option is to HIRE a UNICORN CONSULTANT.

A Unicorn Consultant has the experience and connections to be able to fulfill the roles of both Business Coach and Mentor and hence – provide you with unique-to-you business solutions.

This is further explained on our “Why Unicorn” page.

If you would like to know more, please contact me direct to discuss or to arrange for a FREE coffee chat (coffee’s on me!). It could turn out to be a very valuable hour spent by you. My contact details are:

M: 0452 144 476

E: hello@unicornconsultants.com.au

PHIL MANHIRE (Personal Business Coach, Mentor & Unicorn Consultant)

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