Why Unicorn?

Unicorn is a legendary creature or more simply, a unique, very rare find. Typically, a unicorn is also considered to be a creature that is pure of spirit and “magical”.
To understand why this should matter to YOU, as a business owner, a good starting point is for me to explain the difference between a “Business Coach” and a “Mentor“. It should also be mentioned that there are a host of similarities, not just differences, as well. 

Business Coach

Business Coach will advise you on what you need to do to be better, both as an individual and as a business owner/professional.

This role involves helping you to address any mental obstacles that may be blocking you from realising your full potential.

They help you develop your purpose and often ask you questions to help you discover your own “why’s”…..

You might need a business coach if...

Business coaches will help you with problems that directly impact your business. Also, they will connect you with the right people and tools that can get you to the next level.


mentor is an adviser who normally provides solutions to business owners with temporary problems.

Hence, a mentor works with the often “hard” aspects of a business. Subsequently, this should result in providing you, the business owner, with more time and overall capacity to work ON the business, rather than IN it.

Key issues that a mentor can/will address include:



For you to figure out if a business coach is actually a coach-mentor (Unicorn), look at the services offered and the experience they share on their site.

If they talk about topics like growing your business or increasing your profits but also talk about work ethic and personal responsibility, integrity and the like, then chances are that they’re a coach-mentor.

Even more information on the differences AND similarities between a business coach and a mentor can be found throughout this site.

BOTTOM LINE: When you need or want help with managing and protecting your business outcomes, ALWAYS HIRE A UNICORN!

Be Better .. Look Better .. Be Profitable

"The Unicorn Way"

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