What Does “Retirement” Mean to You?

A couple of days ago, an Uber driver asked me if I was retired and it got me thinking.

Why did he ask me that? The obvious answer is because I am of an age wherein many people DO retire.

When I told him my age and then said that I was still working, he looked at me askance, almost as if I was mad (the jury’s still out on that one!😂).

The point is that I have in fact “retired” to doing something that I love. So many people that I have come to know over the years have retired with the wrong motive driving them. To them, retirement meant not working any more.

By contrast, along with others that I know, I choose to work, as a business adviser and guide, because (a) I enjoy it and (b) it provides me with a constant source of learning, mind stimulation and a sense of accomplishment upon seeing the results of my role in helping others achieve success.




Not for a moment am I suggesting that everyone should continue working until they are no longer able to.

You may have a penchant for golf or sailing or travel or riding a Harley Davidson around the countryside .. and that’s okay too!

The issue is that it’s important that when you “retire”, that you retire TO something, not FROM something. If you have a retirement dream, one that will keep you stimulated and happy, one that will result in you waking up each day with a feeling of looking forward to what the day will bring, then DO IT!

Your age should never define you. As is often said, age is only a number anyway. If you have a PASSION for something, then revel in doing it and the joy that it brings you.

My life mantra is “Don’t worry – be happy!” I hope it’s yours too.

PHIL MANHIRE (Founder & Chief Unicorn Consultant)

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