PROFIT is not a dirty word.

I’m the first to admit that “profit” is the driving force behind me wanting business success.

At the same time, I truly do love what I’m doing – using my skills and experience to help other business owners also achieve success. However, the employment of those skills and experience come at a price for those who wish to benefit from them.

It has taken me some five decades, nearly 50 years, to reach the point I am now at. I have a good success track record but I have also experienced a couple of failures/major setbacks. The important thing is that I have learnt some invaluable lessons from those business experiences that didn’t work out well for me, as well as from my successes.

Nowadays, my “happy place” is showing the way to other business owners – the way to build a PROFITable, sustainable business.

I absolutelyit when a client moves on from a position of financial loss, stress or personal despair to a new world of PROFIT and less stressful business existence .. and has done so due to a contribution that I have made to that success.

Why did you go into your business in the first instance?

I’m betting that it wasn’t for charitable reasons. I’ll also wager that a major factor was that you wanted to improve your financial standing and lifestyle. In many instances, I am guessing that your motivation also included a desire to provide well for your family.

How am I doing so far?

Would I be correct in saying that you understand that unless your business makes a profit, on an ongoing basis, that your business will fail and that you won’t achieve your financial and lifestyle aspirations? Yes? Good!

As a business owner, I take it that you also know the TRUTH about being one, being in charge of your own destiny, as it were. It is bloody hard work! Anyone who doesn’t believe this, should read my post for a mindset reset – “Running your own business isn’t hard, they said”.

You and I both know that such a statement is total BS and so I shall say it again – “It is bloody hard work”. Is it all worth it? Hell, yes!

You see, when you make a profit in your business, you also “profit” from your experience and success. You come to understand and relish your achievements, knowing that they weren’t handed to you on a platter.

FINAL WORD: Work at making your business PROFITable but do so at all times with integrity and honesty.

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