Was your initial response to this – “NO“? Or Maybe it was – “I DON’T KNOW“?

Either way, let’s consider some “WHAT IF’s”……

WHAT IF you suddenly lose a key staff member .. or two?

WHAT IF your major source of quality customers disappears without warning or apparent explanation?

WHAT IF you suffer a major illness or accident that will keep you out of the business for several months?

WHAT IF you are unexpectedly confronted with another unforeseen event with the same impact as the current COVID-19 pandemic?

WHAT IF the interest rates on your loan/s rise quickly 1%, 2% or even 5%?

WHAT IF you’re unable to pay your next tax bill?

WHAT IF your business is so successful that it gets out of your control?

That’s a lot of ‘WHAT IF’s”, I know, however, if any one of them becomes a reality for you, your business could be in dire trouble.

My recommendation? STEP ONE – go to my “Resources” page and download the S.W.O.T. Analysis guide, along with the “Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Critical Thinking”

STEP TWO – get in touch with me (Phil Manhire) to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss GROWING and PROTECTING your business. Your free consultation can be by way of face-to-face, Zoom or phone. It’s up to you!

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