How to Make Your Business Dreams Become a Reality

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve”.

Although it’s a well-worn phrase, it is one that has stood and will continue to stand the test of time. First penned by Napoleon Hill in his book – “Think and Grow Rich” back in 1937, it has been the inspiration for many “impossible” dreams becoming a reality. It represents the true power of positive thinking!

However, beware! “Dreams” are just that – “dreams” – unless you do something constructive and positive with them.

So, how do you achieve going from a dream .. to reality? It means that you have to know and employ THE SECRET INGREDIENT!

“What is it? What do you mean”, you cry? “C’mon – please tell me”, you might be saying.

Well, THE SECRET INGREDIENT is “ACTION” or as I prefer to refer to it – “WORK” and it is this that is required to turn dreams into something more than a fantasy.

It is an unfortunate fact  that those who do work at making their dreams come true will face a number of obstacles along the way, not the least of which will be the naysayers who will preach to them their perceived “impossibility” of what that person is setting out to achieve.

Mind you, if these same people are doing so because your dream is delusional rather than a belief based on reason, then I would have to be on their side. For instance, If someone says that they could walk away uninjured from a direct gunshot blast to their unprotected chest, that would be delusional. If on the other hand, they were to wear a state-of-the-art Kevlar vest, then that’s a statement based on reason. 

Taking all the above into account, here are some “rules” to follow to achieve success in turning your dream into reality:

Rule Number 1:

If your dream is based on reason and not delusion, IGNORE the naysayers;

Rule Number 2:

Be prepared to put a lot of WORK into making it happen;

Rule Number 3:

Be aware of your own limitations .. and accept them for what they are;

Rule Number 4:

PERSEVERE at all costs! It is highly likely that you will be confronted with hurdles along the way to your desired goal. Chances are that you will experience failures from time to time. Use the hurdles and failures to LEARN and improve upon what you are doing;

Rule Number 5:

Remember what I said about “The Power of Positive Thinking”? Don’t be afraid to be fixated on maintaining an attitude of positivity, of purpose, when you might be subjected to the unwarranted negativity of others. In fact, you would be wise to eliminate the negative people from your life and instead surround yourself with those who are prepared to share your dream and who will support you when needed (and you WILL need that support);

Rule Number 6:

Never be afraid to seek the help and guidance of others. At some point you will need the input and support of others. You might need financial assistance, for instance. Or, you may need to get some guidance on business planning, marketing, legal or accounting matters .. or a range of other issues outside your own areas of expertise;

Rule Number 7:


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