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Feel good within yourself and at peace with the world around you – with Kava!

How can you help ease anxiety, reduce your stress levels and get a good night’s sleep? Well, drinking kava is definitely worth a try!

What Hypnosis Can Help With:

⚪ Anxiety                            ⚪ Mild Depression

⚪ Confidence Building     ⚪ Business Focus

⚪ Addiction                         ⚪ Phobias

⚪ Teenager Anxiety          ⚪ Stress

⚪ Procrastination              ⚪ Low Self Esteem

⚪ Weight Management     ⚪ Pain Management

⚪ Birthing                            ⚪ Insomnia

⚪ Fear                                   ⚪ Trauma

⚪ Post Traumatic Stress

⚪ Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

🤍 And much, much more…… 

Karin’s style is eclectic combining the timeless elegance of vintage styles with the quirky or modern.  Each piece is lovingly made using traditional millinery techniques as well as more unusual modern methods.

Her designs have been worn across the world, including Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival, Royal Ascot, Hong Kong,  Singapore and South Africa.

As well as home visits, they now offer Corporate Massage. Book a qualified massage therapist to come to your workplace (minimum booking 1 hour) and offer a seated head, neck and shoulder massage to you and your staff.

Specialising in women’s health and also sporting injuries, Pivotal Physiotherapy has a team of highly experienced manual therapists that use a holistic approach to the management of injuries. They use comprehensive treatment techniques to accurately diagnose injuries and work with you to to manage these issues.

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