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Kay Cottee


Kay Cottee left Sydney Harbour on 29 November 1987 in her quest to sail around the world. 189 days later, when she sailed through Sydney Heads, she became the first woman to sail round the world alone non-stop and unassisted.

The historic voyage on her 37 ft yacht Blackmores First Lady was also the fastest sailing trip around the world by a woman and the first solo, non-stop and unassisted voyage around the world by a woman. (Wikipedia)

So, what did Kay Cottee do to succeed at achieving her dream? And a dream it was. Kay had been sailing at an early age. Following success in the Two-Handed Trans-Tasman race to New Zealand and the Solo Trans-Tasman race back to Australia in 1986, she then embarked on her ambition to sail solo around the world.

Her success, I believe, can be attributed to a few factors.

Education, Passion, Dedication and Common-sense.

If you’re in business, what can you learn from Kay’s experiences? Well, at a very young age, Kay started learning as much as she could about boats and sailing (Education). Whatever type of business/occupation you’re in, what have you done to learn as much as you can about your industry? What level of studies and hands-on experience have you undertaken?

How much do you love what you’re doing (Passion)? Do you live it, breathe it and revel in the joys and satisfaction it brings to you? Genuine passion is needed to turn a business idea into a successful business. If you really love/enjoy what you are doing, then it’s hard to classify it as “work”. Your passion will prove to be contagious, infectious – in a good way!

The importance to the task of building your business success should never be underestimated (Dedication). Just as Kay Cottee did with her ambition to sail around the world, you need to focus on your goals. Write them down, review them regularly to ensure that you are on track and don’t be distracted from the task at hand. As I often like to quote – “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well!”.

Finally – Common-sense. Sailing around the world meant having the right type of sailing craft (Kay got into boatbuilding as part of her education). It’s the same with businesses – you need to have the right structure to operate it. Maybe a company. Maybe a Trust. Or maybe sole proprietorship is the way to go? Navigational aids were used by Kay in her quest. Your business also needs a road map (business plan) to stay on course. Just as radio contact was used by Kay during her journey, so should a business owner/manager have someone they can reach out to for ongoing guidance and advice.

Your success in business needs the involvement of others. Therefore, ensure that you have good advisers in your support network. Hence, having a reliable and professional accountant, legal adviser, financial adviser, as well as a business coach/mentor, will likely make all the difference to your ability to achieve your goals.

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