Customer Service and Marketing – two of the biggest keys to your success or failure in business. Most businesses that recognise the power of marketing will create strategies to market their business. But what is their purpose and motivation for doing so?

In the first instance, it is generally because they wish to ensure that their customers get to enjoy their customer experience when interacting with their business. This, by its very nature, should include ALL social media (especially the business’s website), phone, emails and printed media.

The smart business owner will ensure that their strategies are focused on both existing customers AND potential customers.

Customer interaction is of course not restricted to social media. What about those occasions when a person has direct contact with you and/or staff on the phone or, face-to-face? Is their post-contact reaction one of happiness, satisfaction with the result, impressed with the professionalism of the person spoken with … or something else?


My observations over the decades that I have been in business unfortunately have shown that formal CUSTOMER SUCCESS STRATEGIES in most businesses are non-existent.

How many times have you rung a business and gone away thinking – “How the hell did he/she get be on the front line with his/her attitude and/or phone manner?

In the hospitality industry for instance, have you ever met someone and thought to yourself then and there – “What were they thinking, getting into this industry, where customer relations are so important?


You might be inclined to think that “Customer Service” is just a matter of being nice to people but the reality is that there is far more to it than that.  It’s vitally important that every customer gets a “Red Carpet Experience”. That is, they’re made to feel important during the entire process of dealing with you – before, during and after their connection with you.

🤔 For instance, do you ever conduct customer surveys? Surveys that ask very pointed questions on the level of service that they have received from you and your staff?

🤔 Do you encourage them to provide you with feedback?

🤔 Do you ask for reviews or testimonials or are you too afraid of what they might say?

☑ Make a mental note of things that your customer may tell you about themselves. Maybe they have just become a new parent/grandparent, or one of their children was accepted into university, or they just moved into a new home, or something else unique and personal to them;

☑ Try to remember their names. The fact that you remember will help to make them feel important and is also a big step towards establishing a genuine rapport with them and gaining their trust in you and your company.

Providing a second-to-none customer experience is paramount but it takes the formulation and implementation of good Customer Success Strategies to get it right. Need guidance? Get in touch with us today on 0452 1444 76 or, we would welcome hearing from you at hello@unicornconsultants.com.au! Happy to help. 

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