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The face behind the business – Phil Manhire.

Phil was a multi-award winner for over three decades in the financial services industry. He has held ‘money workshops’ for international ultra-high-net-worth individuals and for many years in Australia he ran a highly successful and profitable financial planning practice geared to assisting HNW individuals protect and grow their financial assets.
Phil’s extensive experience (and success) includes:
🦄 Customer service planning (Customer Success Strategies),
  🦄 Systems management,
   🦄 Staff management and culture development,
    🦄 Estate planning,
      🦄 Retail marketing,
       🦄 Real estate sales & management,
        🦄 Copy writing and editing,
🦄 Social media marketing,
 🦄 Practice management,
  🦄 Financial planning & management,
    🦄 Blog writing and publishing,
     🦄 Technology broking,
      🦄 Public speaking,
       🦄 Journalism,
        🦄 Talk-back radio show hosting and..
🦄 Staff training & motivation.
However, it’s not just Phil’s leadership and expertise that makes for a company that can help you grow your business and protect it.
Unicorn Consultants is also able to call upon a myriad of skills across all areas of commerce that encompass starting and maintaining a successful business – areas such as IT systems, Accounting, Insurance, Property investing and management, Employment services, Legal and much, much more.
Want to know more? Contact Phil now on 0452 144 476 or message him here.

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